Private Joint Stock Company Dnepropetrovsk Food Concentrates Plant (DFCP) has 75 years of experience in the food market.

Today our company is one of the largest national producers of cereal breakfast and instant beverages.

We were the first local company launched a granulated coffee in Ukraine.

Stages of the enterprise development:

1937 – Date of the enterprise foundation.

1941 – Production of the first products – cornflakes.

1963 – Production of the first extruded product – sweet corn snacks.

1972 – Start of production of instant spray dried coffee.

1994 – Foundation of Joint Stock Company DFCP.

1999 – Enterprise’s products are manufactured under Zolote Zerno ® (Golden Grain).

2002 – Obtaining of international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000.

2004 – Production of the first in Ukraine granulated coffee.

2008 – Launch of an unique line of grain processing with infrared rays for cereal flakes of instant preparation.

2010 – Launch of a confectionery coating line.

2012 – Start of production of granulated coffee with addition of ground coffee of “Mistero” ®.

2014 – Start of production of cornflakes by extrusion technology.

2015 – the beginning of production of grain and ground coffee.

2016 – Obtaining the National Certificate and the Medal “Lider Galuzi 2016”.

2016 – Launching the production line for extruded products with filling.

2016 – Obtaining the International European Quality Award (Paris, France).

2017 – Start of production of ground coffee.

2017 – Launch of a line for complex fruit fillings.